True/False Film Festival: a review by 8-year-old MissObservation

Hi everybody! Welcome. My name is Phoenix and today I’m going to my very first film festival! So you all know how much I like movies right? Well this film festival is all about documentaries. Documentaries are based on a true story. Not fake people. Real life. Real life. The name of this festival is called The True/False Film Festival. The first movie I watched was called, “Step.” It’s about these girls who are in school who are trying to get into college by doing a step class. And that’s kind of like dancing. After Step I got to go into this parade and it was really fun because everyone was dressed up into really cool costumes. And I even got to see a step team in the parade. How cools is that? In the Parade I was dressed up like Princess Leia! The next movie that I saw was called, “Quest”. And it’s where this man had a recording studio down in his basement. And they lived in Philadelphia and lots of people would go down into their basement and record lots of rap songs. But, in the middle of this movie, something really sad happens. Even my daddy cried. But I think it ended up ok with them and everything. But then, that reminds me, the real people, this family from the documentary, came out on stage for real life. I got to see them for real life and that was so cool. The only other bad part besides the sad part was when some people came into the studio, they were rapping a lot, and some of those rapping words kind of rhymed with some bad words. So if you have kids that are younger than my age, I don’t think you should let them see this movie. But it was ok for me because then my daddy talked to me about this and he said, “Do not repeat those words Phoenix. You better not repeat those words.” So that kind of brings up a pretty good point. Most of these movies at the film festival are kind of inappropriate for kids. Even the Quest was ok for me. And I only got to see two movies. But my grandma and uncle got to see like 8 or 10. I know right! That’s a lot of movies. So that was my first experience at a film festival. Thank you True/False for being so cool. And thank you for watching. I’ll see you next time. Goodbye everybody.

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