Top 10 Christmas Wishlist 2015

Hi everybody! Welcome! My name is Phoenix and today I’m going to be talking about my top 10 Christmas wishlist. I did the same thing last year and actually, I got some of the things. But one of the things I did not get was a snow globe with a snowman in it. So my first thing on my top 10 Christmas Wishlist is a snowglobe with a snowman in it.

The second thing on my list is a little car transformer. My cousin will has three so I’m kinda jealous. And one of them is a Chinese Transformer. You just have to flip it’s head and, simple, it’s done. And then there’s this Bumble Bee one. You just have to switch it around a little bit and that’s done. And then the last one is Optimus Prime. He’s the best transformer ever. He’s like the king. But my cousin Will’s truck just has these legs and then the rest of his body is a truck.

The third thing on my Christmas list is a baby doll that is the size of a real human baby. And the reason why I want it because I am about to have a baby brother and I need to get ready to be a good big sister.

Four: a stuffed animal Panda Bear. I already have a brown bear, a light brown bear, a black bear and also a Polar Bear. So I think I should get a Panda Bear.

Number five: a sun hat. The reason why I want a sunhat: in case I go to the beach. I don’t know if I’m going to go to the beach or not this year, but I need to get repaired… prepared.

Number six: slippers. Because whenever I go to my grandma’s house my socks get real dirty. So I need my slippers so I can protect my socks.

Number seven: a toy “light saver” [saber]. Because if I had a real one it would be very dangerous. And I’m a huge Star Wars fan, I just finished The Force Awakens, and it was awesome.

Number 8. A tea party setup. Because I would like to play tea parties with my stuffed animals.

Number nine: Pokemon cards. I love Pokemon cards. And my favorite one is Charzard. He’s an EX and he shoots fire out of his mouth. That’s why I like him.

Now we’re at the last one. The most important one. Number 10. Last year the most important thing on my list was a giant llama filled with candy. And I would like to thank my Uncle Lee and Aunt Anna for getting me the exact same thing. This year the number ten thing on my list is to actually eat some of the candy that’s in here. Last year my daddy didn’t let me so it’s still all in here and it smells really good because I think it’s chocolate.

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