Tea Party with Shiba Inu and British Accent

Cheerio everybody! Welcome! My name is Phoenix and today I’m going to have a tea party with Kitsu, my Shiba Inu. Because Downton Abbey is on for the last time I decided to have a British tea party. How does my accent sound?

My favorite thing to do at a tea party is serve the finest tea and also biscuits. Kitsu, would you like a spot of tea? Mind if I help myself? Kitsu, this is Barry Bear, this is Ellie, and of course this is Jane. Can you please say hello? How about we have some cracking good biscuits Kitsu? Can I tempt you with one of these? And I think I’ll have a scrumptious biscuit as well. Mmmm, that’s jolly well good.

That’s the end of my tea party with Kitsu, thank you for watching. Goodbye.

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  1. emmmm
    I saw this video in a Chinese website and find this blog by the message leaved at the end of this video.Nice to see you here.

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