Stranger Things: Season 1 – a review by 9-year-old MissObservation

Hi everybody! Welcome! My name is Phoenix and today I’m going to be doing a creepy, scary, Halloween review of a show called, “Stranger Things”. So I just got done watching season 1 of Stranger Things on Netflix and I did not like this show as much. But I guess last year my daddy really liked this show because he made me watch it and he thought I could learn from how the kids act. Another reason why I think my daddy might like this show is because he grew up somewhere in the 1980’s and this show takes place in the 80’s so he’s familiar with a lot of stuff so it kind of reminded him of being a little kid. But I did not grow up in the 80’s and I did not like this show. Part of the reason is because there was a lot of bad language and romance and kissing parts. So I had to cover my eyes for those. And also this show had a lot of creepy, sad and scary parts in it.

Mostly this show is scary because of this monster called the Demogorgon who lived in the upside-down (basically just like our world but creepier) and he’d come out of people’s walls and swimming pools and scare the heck out of them. Could you imagine that?

So basically, this show is about four best friends and one of the best friends is named Will and he got taken by the Demogorgon into the upside-down. But the whole town is trying to find him. But at the same time, the Demogorgon is trying to kill everybody. And there’s bad guys and weird people. But out of nowhere, comes this girl named Eleven and she’s like basically a super hero because she can control things and make things fly with her mind. And she basically becomes one of the three best friends of the boys. And she helps them a lot to find Will.

My favorite character is Dustin, one of the best friends. I like him because he’s really funny and he’s really nice to everybody. Another thing that I like about this show is that the best friends talk a lot about Star Wars. And you know how much I love Star Wars. Even though my daddy likes this show, I don’t, and I would not recommend it for little kids because this show has a lot of bad language, romance parts, and also it’s very, very, very scary.

So that’s the end of my review for the show called, “Stranger Things”. Thank you for watching. I’ll see you next time. Goodbye everybody.

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