Pan – a movie review

Hi everybody! Welcome! My name is Phoenix and today I’m going to be talking about the movie called Pan. As in Peter Pan. Like Captain Hook and Neverland. That kind of Peter Pan.

Overall I loved this movie. One, because there was this girl named Princess Tiger Lily and she’s really pretty. She dresses up really pretty and she’s like the best fighter ever. She kicks butt. I also like this movie because some of the other Peter Pans are not like this one. This one is kind of different. And also what I like about it, was that when Peter was a little kid, his mom was the greatest fighter too.

But there were some parts that I did not like. For example, there was a really really sad part. And there was also this guy, and he was a really bad guy and his name was Captain Black Beard. And he was not nice to children or women. Not even nice one bit. And he also made a few children walk the plank!

I did not think this movie was very scary because I watch a lot of movies just like this one and I’m kind of used to it. But if you’re a kid and you do not watch that many movies I can see where a couple scary parts might be. Like maybe Captain Black Beard could be scary. Just sayin. Oh, and also there was this scene that could be scary too. It was when these pirate clowns were like coming from the sky on yo-yos and they were picking up kids when they were asleep on their beds and then they were yo-yoing back up. I could see where that could be kind of a bit scary.

Otherwise, I really liked this movie because there was a lot of cool action parts, a lot of beautiful scenery parts, and fighting parts, and even outer space, pixie dust, fairies, alligators, really pretty cool mermaids, and even these crazy Neverland Birds. They have this body made out of bones and big googly eyes and parrot feathers. How crazy is that? I think that’s pretty crazy.

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