How to trim your dog’s toenails. With help from Kitsu, my Shiba Inu

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Hi everybody! Welcome! My name is Phoenix and today I’m going to show you how to trim your dog’s toenails. And my Shiba Inu, Kitsu, is going to help me.

Today we are going to be doing it outside because it makes a really big mess. And if you’re going to be doing it inside I would recommend first to put a towel down. And the reasons why it makes a really big mess is because all the little toenail pieces get everywhere.

There’s a whole bunch of tools you can do this. And my daddy’s going to have to do this because it’s a little dangerous tool that I could hurt Kitsu with and I don’t want to hurt Kitsu because she’s my favorite dog so today my daddy’s going to do this.

So there is such thing as a “Quick” in dog’s toenails. And you can see that if you put the dog’s toenails in the light, in the sun. And you don’t want to cut too close to the quick because if you do, she can bleed a lot, and I mean a lot…

My daddy did an OK job. He could have probably done a little better because he did make a few spots bleed on Kitsu’s toenails and that’s another good reason why you should do it outside so you don’t get your bathroom floor all bloody and dirty. And the tool that we just used back there can make sharp spots on Kitsu’s toenails so that’s why it would be good if she could run around on the concrete outside so it makes her toenails smoother and that would be better for the house.

So yeah that’s pretty much the end of how to trim your dog’s toenails. Thank you for watching! I’ll see you next time! Goodbye everybody!

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