The Avengers – Age of Ultron: Movie Review

Hi everybody, welcome! My name is Phoenix and today I’m going to be talking about the movie, The Avengers – Age of Ultron. Booooo. Ultron is a bad guy. Booo. I kind of liked the movie because there was a lot of action and lots of funny parts. But there was also some very scary parts and some very sad parts and there was also one romancing part. And the romance part was when Black Widow and Hulk Smash went kissy kissy. And I had to cover my eyes because I do not like kissy parts. And one of the scary parts was when this sister girl who can read people’s minds took out somebody’s heart just like in the Temple of Doom, which was really scary. But there were also funny parts that made me like the movie even more. Like when Captain America and Thor went to Hulk Guy’s house and Hulk Guy has kids and Thor stepped on one of the kid’s toys and Thor and Captain America were looking at each other like “Uh oh” because they thought they were going to get in trouble so Captain America put his foot in front of the toy and just swept it under the table and it was really funny. There were also a lot of action scenes that I really liked. Like when there was this metal screw driver thing in the city and if one bad guy robot touches it the city is going to go down under ground and go flying out of earth I guess. One of the bad guy robots did touch it but all the other people were off of that planet before he touched it so I guess it was alright. Overall I think this is a good movie to take your kids to. But there is some bad language so yeah. For example, when Captain America said a bad word, it was a little bit funny, because the Fury guy with the eye patch said, “Oh momma, you better get your lips shut.” So that was end of my review of the movie, Revengers – Age of Ultron. Thank you for watching, I’ll see you next time, Good bye!

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