Star Wars: Episode 6 – Return Of The Jedi

Hello and welcome. In this video I’m going to talk about Star Wars: Episode 6 – Return Of The Jedi. This is my favorite Star Wars of all. *Spoiler Alert* Han is in Carvonite. Princess Leia is in disguise. “in the deep shadows, someone was laughing”. Mind tricks. Pig monsters. The Rancor. The pit of despair. light savers. and lots of light saver noises. Boba Fett. Han Solo. Princess Leia. Digaba. Yoda. Animal Ackbar. A new Death Star. Luke Skywalker. the moon of Endor. speed bikes. Princess Leia is Queen of the Ewoks. “That’s dangerous dude.” C-3PO. The Force. “Pew Pew”. Chewbacca does Tarzan. The Emperor. “It’s a trap!”. Fireworks. Dancing. Drums.

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