Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Men Tell No Tales: a movie review by 9-year-old MissObservation

Hi everybody! Welcome! My name is Phoenix and today I’m going to be talking about the movie called, “Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead men don’t tell no lies.” Or something like that. Overall I thought this movie was good. The reasons why I liked this movie was because there were a lot of cool special effects, I really liked all the cool scenery and fighting parts, all the ships were all cool, and I pacifically loved the Saint Marry Ghost Ship, and I always, always always always, love how Jack Sparrow always gets away with things. And this movie wasn’t as sad as some movies I’ve seen recently, so I’m glad that that’s happening. But I just thought that they could probably make this movie a little bit more funnier because I really only laughed at one part. And this movie was also a little bit scary. But other than that, this movie was great.

This movie was really complicated and there were a lot of parts to it but I don’t really want to tell the whole entire story so I’m just going to tell you the parts that I liked and that I think you would like. So there’s a new bad guy in this movie named Captain Salazar. And he’s a ghost captain. And he can only walk on water and not land. And on his first battle, he was killing everybody and I think that he was eating everybody who was dead because when he came downstairs there was blood dripping from his mouth and I thought that was kind of gross.  So Captain Salazar hates pirates. And pretty much this whole entire movie he’s trying to kill Jack Sparrow, and trying to kill as many pirates as he can. One of my favorite parts that I thought was really cool was when he released these sharks, and they were called Ghost Sharks, and they were dead sharks, but when he put them in the water and he told them to do something, like for example, he said, “Kill Jack Sparrow.” So then they came to life and they actually did what they were told.

Another part that I thought was cool was Captain Salad Czar’s ship, it was called the Silent Mary Ghost Ship, and you know the front of the ship? It’s called the bow. Well this one is called the capturing bow. Because when it sees a ship it opens up, and the bow part goes up a little bit and it grabs on top of the top of the ship and it sinks them so that he can kill as many pirates as he can. And then the ship just walks on top of them.

And then, another part that I thought was cool was, you how sometimes on the front of the bow there’s like a person carved out of wood or metal? Well this one was alive and it was a lady holding a sword and when she saw Jack Sparrow she got up and actually started fighting Jack Sparrow with her sword. And that was really cool.

And another cool part about this movie was we actually got to see Jack Sparrow as a young pirate before he became captain. And that’s kind of why Captain Salad Czar was chasing him all those years, because a really long time ago Jack Sparrow tricked Captain Salad Czar into going into the triangle to be forever cursed as a ghost.

We did get to see Will Turner and Miss Elizabeth Turner but just for a really short time. I wish we got to see them longer but we couldn’t. So yeah, that’s pretty much the end of my review for the movie called, “Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Men Don’t Tell No Lies” thank you for watching I’ll see you next time. Goodbye everybody.

*bonus pirate joke

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