Phoenix celebrates the 2nd year anniversary of her video blog!

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Hi everybody! Welcome! My name is Phoenix and today we’re going to be celebrating the 2 year anniversary of my video blog! Happy birthday to me… Joyeux anniversaire a moi. Make a wish. Can you believe it’s been two whole years since I started doing these videos?

Last year at this same time, I had 711 subscribers on my YouTube Channel. This year that number has gone way up. It’s now 3,870! My daddy says that’s a growth rate of 544%. Now, I don’t know what that means but my daddy made a graph to show me. If I continue following my growth rate then I’m hoping to get 21,000 subscribers by next year! 115,000 by my fourth year. And somewhere around 623,000 in my 5th year! And that would be awesome, like really cool if that actually happened! Isn’t this graph so cool? I feel like an adult right now.

In addition to my subscribers, my views have gone also way up. Right now I have over 1,900,000 views. Can any of you guys guess which one is my most popular video? Yep, you guessed it. It’s the one with me and Kitsu playing at the park. That video has almost 1,000,000 views by itself!

I’ve done a lot of movie reviews this past year. I’m not going to show little clips of them all but I will list them out really fast: The Martian, Pan, Bridge of Spies, Spectre, The Peanuts Movie, The Mockingjay part 2, Into The Heart Of The Sea, Star Wars – The Force Awakens (which was my favorite), Back to the Future Part 3, Zootopia, Batman Vs. Superman, The Jungle Book, E.T., Captain America and the Silver War, X-Men Apocalypse, Alice Threw The Looking Glass, Independence Day, Independence Day: Resurgence, Finding Dory, The Secret Life of Pets, Ghostbusters (the girl version), Mighty Python and the Holy Grail, The Little Prince, and Kubo And The Two Strings.

You guys got to see a lot of videos with me and my Shiba Inu, Kitsu, which was a lot of fun. Also, my new baby brother was born this year. His name is Zephyr and I got to do one video with him. And we’re probably going to do more videos with him later in the future. Also, I broke my elbow and you guys got to see me do a video where I got my cast on and off, which was really good.

I’d mostly like to take this time to say thank you to you all for watching, subscribing, sharing and commenting on my videos. I’m going to keep on trying to make one video every week for as long as I possibly can. And I hope you guys like watching them as much as I like making them. Thank you for watching. I’ll see ya next time. Goodbye!

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