My reaction to the new Star Wars trailer for Episode 7 – The Force Awakens

Hi everyone welcome. My name is Phoenix and today I’m going to be talking about the new Star Wars trailer for episode 7. And I’m so excited. As you can see I’m a huge Star Wars fan because I’m wearing my Star Wars shirt and I’ve got my Princess Leia hair on. Let’s just watch this thing because I can’t wait any longer. Ok, here we go… oh pretty music. What planet is that? Is that Tatooine? What’s that thingy going in the sand? Whoa, a Star Destroyer! Darth Vader’s mask!! Hey, that’s R2-D2. I think I remember that voice. Oh yeah, It’s Luke Skywalker, I remember. Who’s he talking to? Is he talking to me? Big ships going… Whoa. Aaaah bad guys. Storm troopers. Storm Troopers again! Storm Troopers destroying the galaxy! Bad guys. Aw, that’s nice. (gasp) That was Han Solo and Chewbacca!!! Wooooo!!! Wow guys, that was super awesome. I can’t wait any longer. I really wanna go see that movie right now but I can’t. I wonder what Han Solo meant by “home”. Is he talking about the Millennium Falcon? And I think Han Solo’s hair changed a little bit because it looks like he’s a little bit older. But it’s kind of funny that Chewbacca hasn’t aged one day! Also, what did Luke Skywalker mean “you have the force too”? Wait, is Luke Skywalker a father now? Does he have a kid? Or maybe Luke Skywalker is talking about Princess Leia’s kid? I don’t know. I need to watch this movie immediately so I can find out.

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