My photo collage in French and English

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Hi Everybody! Welcome! My name is Phoenix and today I’m going to be showing you guys a collage I did at school. Me and my daddy gathered up all these pictures and put them on this collage. And this collage is all about me and what I like doing. And I had to write the words in french because remember, I go to a french immersion school. And now I’m going to walk you through all these pictures. I’m going to say it in french and then I’m going to translate what it means in english.

This first one says right here, “Mon papa et ma mamon et moi quand j’ai 2ans.” That means, “My daddy and my mommy and me when I was 2 years old.”

The second picture says, “Mon Petit frère Zephyr.” My little brother Zephyr. My mommy just had a new born baby and we named him Zephyr. You probably haven’t seen Zephyr before but we’re going to be doing some videos of him soon. I promise you.

The third one says, “J’aime les animaux et aussi les grand papillon de nuit.” I like animals and I also like big moths. So my mommy caught this big moth in my garden. And my daddy wanted to put it on my hands but I was like, “no daddy, put it on my head because I don’t want to hold it. It’s too big.” And the moth was walking around on my head and it slipped off on my bangs right here.

This one says, “Mon Chien Kitsu.” My dog, Kitsu. I love doing videos with my dog Kitsu and I love my dog Kitsu too. And you’ve probably already seen this picture. It was from one of my other videos. And this was my favorite video, when I was pushing Kitsu in the baby swing, which she loves.

This one says, “J’aime aller a la peche.” I like to go fishing. This was when I was at my grandma’s and my grandpa’s little lake and I went fishing and I caught a bass.

Now this one says, “Ma premier jour d’ecole.” My first day of school. Which I was super excited about.

And this one says, “J’amie jouer en role.” I like playing roles. And this was one of my commercials I did for Hallmark. And it’s called the Itsy Bitsys.

This this one says, “J’aime l’escalader.” I like rock climbing. This was from doing Girl Scouts. And I love Girl Scouts too.

And then this one says, “Mon prefere norriture est la viande.” My favorite food is meat. Now you’ve also probably seen this picture because I did it in one of my reviews. And I had to eat that big sandwich! (But I actually didn’t, my daddy did.)

This one says, “Mon eclaireuses et mon papa est le chef.” This is my Girl Scout Troop. These are all my friends in Girl Scouts and right there is me. I love it when we have Girl Scouts and we get to go camping! That is my favorite part of Girl Scouts.

“Mon papa est l’entraineur de la football.” It says in english, My daddy is the coach of my soccer team. That’s me holding the ball. I love soccer. It’s one of my favorite things to do. And that’s my daddy. He’s the coach of my soccer team.

And this says, “J’aime regarder les films.” I like watching movies with my father. And this is from the new Starwars movie. And you’ve probably seen this in one of my movie reviews.

And then this one says, “J’aime explorer dans la foret.” I like exploring in the forest. And this was the woods behind my house. And that is just some old stones in the little tiny forest in there.

And this one says, “J’aime aussi jouer la piano.” I also like playing the piano. Now you’ve probably already seen this picture in one of my reviews from playing the piano. My Monarch song. Which was educational.

This says, “J’aime dessiner.” I like drawing. This is my mommy’s sidewalk chalk drawing. And that is my sidewalk chalk drawing. And that is me and I know I have some weird hair there.

This says, “Ca c’est moi quand j’ai aller ziplining.” This is me when I went ziplining. And that’s a helmet you have to wear when going ziplining. And that’s the ziplining rope. And I’m wearing crazy pants.

So yeah, that’s pretty much the end of my review for my school collage of me. Some of you guys have already seen this stuff but hopefully some of it’s new. Thank you for watching. I’ll see you next time. Goodbye. Merci pour regarder. Je vous vais vois une autre fois. Aurevoir.

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