Indiana Jones and The Raiders of the Lost Ark: Movie Review

Hi everybody, Welcome. I really liked this movie because there was a lot of action parts and mostly funny parts. But there were some scary parts where my daddy had to cover my eyes. The movie starts with Indiana Jones trying to steal this golden head. He always says, “It belongs in a museum.” The bad guys take away the golden head and Indiana has to go back to school because he’s a teacher. Then these guys at school ask him to help them find this little jewel that’s really special to them. It’s called the Ark of the Covenant. Indiana Jones has to find it before the bad guys. The bad guys are called Nazis. Nazis are really bad guys from the past I think. First, Indiana has to go to the mountains to find his girlfriend. Then they go to Egypt, which is on the other side of the earth. The Nazis catch them and put them in a pit with a bunch of snakes. And Indiana Jones hates snakes. He HATES them! Of course, Indiana Jones escapes. But there was this big fat guy who loves to punch, I guess. And right before Indiana Jones was about to get beat up, this guy was standing next to a propeller – that’s when my dad had to cover my eyes. I didn’t know what happened but it was probably something bad. So then the Nazis put the Ark in a submarine and take it to the desert. Lightening started coming out of the Ark and the bad guys faces melt off. If you look at the lightning your face is going to melt off but if you don’t then your face isn’t going to melt off.

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