I finally got my cast off!

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Hi everybody! Welcome! My name is Phoenix and guess what? Today I’m getting my cast off. Well, actually I just got my cast off right now. My arm has been in a cast for about 3 weeks. And I can’t really move it because it will hurt really bad because it’s kind of stiff. It also smells like dirty feet.

So this lady who has to cut my cast open… she had a real life saw and she put her hand on it and told me that it didn’t hurt her hand or anything at all. I think she must be like a super hero or something. Like a real one. Because it didn’t even hurt her. So the lady cutted both sides of my cast. And she used these “pwiers” to open them up. And when she finally opened them up I looked like a mummy.

It’s hard to believe that my arm was in this cast for three weeks. And not to mention but I never noticed this… it kind of looks like a submarine telescope.

So, after I was done getting my cast off they gave me this sling so I could still go to school. I couldn’t play or anything. I had to sit down. But at recess I was trying to move it and that’s good for your arm.

So the doctor said I should have full emotion in my arm tomorrow or the next day after that, which is good so I can go on a sleep-over at my friends house.

Thank you for watching. I’ll see you next time. Goodbye everybody.

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