Happy Valentine’s Day 2015

Hi everyone! Welcome. Today I’m going to talk about Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is a special kind of day because that’s when you celebrate everyone’s hearts. Valentine’s day is also cool because you get to send cool postcards to your sweethearts. Like the cool examples in my video. At my school we give out cards and candy. This year I’m going to give out this special kind of candy. Fun Dip: a special kind of candy for Valentine’s Day.

This year is kind of interesting because I kind of have a crush on somebody. But I’m not going to say his name. And why I have a crush on him is because he stood up for me in class when someone was trying to be a bully on me. That’s why I like him. Also he’s really cute. And that’s what Valentine’s is all about – getting candy and sending cool postcards to the people who you have a crush on. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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