Guardians Of The Galaxy: Movie Review

Hi everyone! Welcome. In this video I’m going to talk about the movie, Guardians Of The Galaxy. Overall I really liked the movie because there were a lot of funny parts. And a lot of good fighting and action parts. And I really liked the characters. I’m going to talk more about the characters. First, there’s Star Lord. He his a human from planet earth. His mom dies but he grew up and he got over it. He’s a really good dancer. He goes out on adventures to find stuff in outer space. Gamora is the green lady. She has black and red hair and she’s really beautiful. Like, so beautiful. And I think Star Lord has a crush on Gamora. And she’s really good at fighting. The third one is Rocket. He is a talking racoon, which is really funny. And whenever he finds something he tries to make it into weapons. The next guy is the tattoo guy. I don’t remember his name. He has big muscles and red tattoos all over his body. Now we get to my all time favoritest character. “I am Groot” He is really funny. He can grow back his arms. He protects everybody. He can kill people with one finger because it grows into their noses and it’s kinda gross. He’s really cool. And then he turns into a little Groot that loves to dance. But, I really do have to warn you that this movie does have bad language in it. So whenever you take your kids to go see the movie make sure they don’t repeat those bad words.

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