Father’s Day with MissObservation and her family

Hi everybody! Welcome! My name is Phoenix and this is my daddy and today we’re going to be talking about how we celebrated fathers day!

This year for fathers day we went to big grandma and big grandpa’s ranch. We went on the gator, and guess what? I was the one who drove it. Then we went fishing. My daddy took forever and he didn’t even catch anything. Then we picked up mommy and Zephyr, my baby brother, on the gator. And then we took them to go see the longhorns. Then we went inside of a cave. It was really big and scary and dark but of course we had flashlights. We went on this really cool staircase thingy and it was really muddy and gross. And then we reached this huge room and I think me and my daddy saw a bat. Then we went to big grandma and big grandpa’s house and we got to go swimming in their pool and then we had lunch with them. And then we went to this really fun and cool place and it’s called mini-golf.

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