Coco: a movie review from 9-year-old MissObservation

Hi everybody! Welcome! My name is Phoenix and today I’m going to be talking about the movie called Coco! So, I think that this movie is pretty good actually, because it was not scary, it was a little bit sad, and this movie was very funny, I also thought this movie was very beautiful.

This movie is about a little boy named Miguel who lives in Mexico and has a big family. And this movie takes place around the holiday called, Day Of The Dead. It’s kind of like our Halloween, but they take it a lot more seriously, because the day of the dead is about celebrating your family and honoring your ancestors who are dead, which is pretty cool, but I think they should change it by having just a little bit more candy.

So, I did not know a lot about the Mexican culture, and I know that this is just a small part of it, but what I saw was really cool because there were a lot of colorful colors and beautiful scenery, and the designs and the details that they put into this movie were really cool. But what I mostly liked about this movie is that they put a lot of emphasis on family. But I also liked how they did the spirit animals because those guys were really colorful too.

In this movie Miguel’s family is all about making shoes. And they want Miguel to make shoes too. But Miguel doesn’t want to make shoes. He wants to play the guitar and sing, like his great-great-grandpa. So, on the day of the dead, Miguel accidentally crossed over into the skeleton world. And he needs to find his great-great-grandpa so he can get his blessing so he can go back to the human world.

So on his journey to find his great-great-grandpa he runs into a lot of cool skeleton people, and he bumps into some of his ancestors, and he gets to play the guitar and sing, and he hears a lot of cool songs that I liked, like really good songs, and since this is the skeleton world, the place is really beautiful and colorful with a bunch of different colors, and designs, and I loved that part a lot.

But, this movie was not all rainbows and butterflies. There were a couple sad parts too. And, there was actually a twist that I did not see coming. Overall, I thought this movie was really good. It was educational. It was funny. It was beautiful. There was a lot of cool music, that I liked. And, I had a fun time watching it.

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