Beekle by Dan Santat: a children’s picture book review by 9-year-old MissObservation

Hi everybody! Welcome! My name is Phoenix and today I’m going to be doing a book review on a children’s picture book, [The Adventures of] “Beekle” [The Unimaginary Friend] by Dan Santat. I’ve read this book to my baby brother many times. And we both really enjoy it. And of course it has really good Illustrations because every picture book that my mom gets has really good illustrations.

This book is about a far away island fulled with imaginary friends. Kind of like the island of misfit toys from Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer. And every time a real kid imagines one of these imaginary friends they get beamed up, like in Star Trek, but to the human world. Beam me up kitty. But the problem is, everyone keeps getting imaginaried. Except for this guy. So he does the unimaginable. He sets sail to go to the human world to find his human friend. And that’s actually one of my favorite spreads in the whole entire book because look how pretty the illustrations are. And as you can see he’s sailing here away from the island that has all the imaginary friends on it. And he came across this really pretty, colorful, imaginary dragon. Huh, that kind of sounds like the band name, Imagine Dragons.

So, when he gets to the human world, it’s really gray and shabby. He doesn’t see any kids around. He only sees adults and they’re not really having any fun. But eventually he finds his human friend and her name is Alice. And she’s really nice and friendly, and she draws really good, and she was the one who named him Beekle.

So if you like children’s picture books that are beautifully illustrated and that tell a cool story, be sure to get this one. So yeah, that’s pretty much the end of my review for the children’s picture book called [The Adventures of] “Beekle” [The Unimaginary Friend]  by Dan Santat. Thank you for watching. I’ll see you next time. Goodbye everybody.

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