Beauty And The Beast: a movie review by 8-year-old MissObservation

Hi everybody! Welcome! My name is Phoenix and today I’m going to be talking about the movie called, Beauty And The Beast. It’s not the cartoon version that my daddy saw when he was a little boy. It’s the live action movie. And it also has Hermione from Harry Potter in it. Now these are actually my mommy’s dolls and she got them from her mom when she was a little girl. Because one of my mom’s most favorite Disney movies is the cartoon version of Beauty And The Beast.

No my mommy has not seen the new version yet but when she does, I think she’ll like it way better than the old version. The reason why I think my mom is going to like it better than the old version is because there’s lots of pretty dresses and good singing and good songs and good dance moves to the songs and it’s really funny.

One of the things that I like about this movie is that it takes place in France and I actually speak a little bit of French.

**This next part was translated by my daddy**

So, the film starts with a pretty castle and they’re having a pretty dance that goes like this (Phoenix dances) and the women line up and go like this (Phoenix dances). And then there’s a magic person. In the middle of the dance there’s a magic person that comes into the castle with a rose and she gives the rose to the prince and he says, “This rose is not pretty. I do not like it.” And then she’s like, “But this rose is filled with beauty.” And he says, “This rose is not filled with beauty.” And then he takes it and throws it on the floor. And then she sprinkles magic powder on the castle and then all the people in the castle transform into materials that you use in a castle. Like, the prince transformed into a beast and like, some of the materials they transform into are a light, a clock, a duster, a piano, a dresser who likes to sing, and then all the things like that.

**end of translation**

Another really important part of this movie is the girl named, Belle. She’s technically the “Beauty” in this movie. And every time she walks around her neighborhood in the morning, whoever’s near her or around her, they would sing this really known song and it goes something like this: “Who is she? What is she doing here? She always teaches children how to read everywhere. She always does laundry different ways. I wonder what she’s doing here.”

So then Belle’s dad gets lost in the woods. He gets taken by the beast. Belle has to save her dad by taking his place in jail. Then, Belle’s dad has to go find Gaston to help free Belle from the Beast. And I think you all know what happens after that.

Overall I thought this movie was good because it was really funny. It was really pretty. It was really beautiful. But this movie was also very scary. Pretty much the whole entire movie was scary. Just a warning. So yeah, that’s pretty much the end of my review for the movie called, Beauty And The Beast. Thank you for watching. I’ll see you next time. Goodbye Everybody!

  1. Dreamgirls” and the final two FX-propelled “Twilight” films, shows he knows his way around both musicals and special effects.

  2. The Ballad of Narayama” is a Japanese film of great beauty and elegant artifice, telling a story of startling cruelty.

  3. But we all know that Beauty and the Beast is just as much about the supporting characters as it is the central couple, and director Bill Condon’s ensemble doesn’t disappoint.

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