Back To The Future Part 3 – a movie review by 6-yr-old MissObservation

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Howdy partners! My name is Phoenix and I’m gonna talk about the movie Back To The Future Part 3. Now this one takes place in the wild west and I think it’s a goodun so listen up everybody.

I liked watching this movie a little bit because for me it was a little confusing. I have a really hard time knowing how time travel works no matter how my daddy explains it to me. But I still think there were a lot of cool funny parts and a lot of cool action parts. There’s also a really romantic love story.

Doc falls in love with this woman called Clara and Clara is a teacher in the wild west and Doc saved her life when she was supposed to be dead when these horses got away and made her drive to the cliff.

Marty comes back to the wild west to save Doc’s life because he’s going to get shot by the bad guys. Marty breaks the Delorean and so they can’t go back to the future. So that’s why they’re gonna have to attach it to a train. They’re pushing the car with the train to get all the way up to 88 mph. Then Clara comes back and Clara and Doc are hangin off the train and then Marty sees them and he puts a hover board right underneath them and he lets go of it and it floats back and Marty goes back to the future by himself.

When Marty gets back to the future the train had crushed the Delorean and the Delorean had exploded into a million pieces and that meas that Clara and Doc are stuck in the wild west. But Doc is really smart and he made another time machine out of a train. And right when Marty thinks he’ll never see doc again… Prghghghshshsh… Doc, Clara and their two kids appear in a new time machine. And they all lived happily ever after.

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