Back To The Future: Movie Review

Hi everyone! Welcome! This is my movie review of Back to the Future. Part 1. And it has a time machine in it so get excited people. This is a movie about time travel. And it’s a little confusing but I liked it. This is the funniest movie. Especially Doc – he was the funniest. Doc builds a time machine out of a DeLorean, a really fast metal car where the doors come up like wings. It’s really cool. Marty has to get it up to 88 miles of hours. He could even get a speeding ticket for going that fast, by the police. Marty goes back into the past. Pacifically the year 1985. Then Marty messes everything up. He get’s hit by a car and ends up in his mom’s bedroom wearing purple underpants. Doc says “Great Scotts, 1.21 Gigawatts!”. Marty dresses up like Dark Vader and plays loud rock and roll music in his dad’s ear. Marty plays the guitar and makes everyone dance. Then lightning hits the clock and Marty goes back to the year 1985. Then his whole entire world is better. And that was the end.

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