Back to the Future 2 – movie review

Hi Everybody! Welcome! My name is Phoenix and today I’m going to be talking about the movie, Back To The Future – Part 2. Great Scots! This movie was heavy. There was so much going on that I don’t even know how I’m going to explain it all right now. Again, this movie was about time travel but it was even more complicated than the first one. Something happened to Marty’s kids in the future. So Doc comes and gets Marty to fix it. When they get to the future everything is crazy!

So there’s these skateboards that are hover boards. There’s these cars that are very weird because they can fly. There’s these shoes that don’t have laces anymore. There’s these shirts that dry all by themselves. And then there’s these little pizzas that get huge when you put them in the oven.

the year that they go to in the future is 2015. That’s this year! But, although I do not see any hover boards or flying cars, I kind of do see 3D movies and my shoes don’t really have laces. So I guess that’s true. But any of those other things are definitely not true.

While Marty is trying to prevent his son from making a terrible decision, Biff steals the DeLorean and goes way way back into 1955, where the first movie took place. Older Biff gives this type of book to the younger Biff. And the older Biff says, “If you use this book, then I promise you, you will make a lot of money.”

So Marty and Doc go back to their time, which is 1985. And they see that their town is destroyed. And that’s because of younger Biff and the book. So Marty and Doc have to fix it of course. And they go back to 1955 so they can get the book and destroy it. So it can never happen again. It’s all very confusing. My dad had to explain it 10 times and I’m still not very sure I get it.

Overall I kinda liked the movie. There were a little bit of some bad parts. Like when Biff was in the hot tub with these two girls. I think that was disgusting. And then there was when Biff almost killed Marty. And there is some bad language. But there were a lot of fun action scenes. And Doc and Marty were in the movie and I really like them too, because they’re pretty funny. And at the end of the movie when Doc gets hit by lightening, he goes way way back to the old west, where cowboys are. And I think I’m really going to like that movie because I like cowboys. Giddy up people.

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