6 yr old gives her top 10 Christmas wishlist

I hope Santa is watching! This is my top 10 Christmas wishlist for this year.

  1. A Santa hat, so I can look like Santa too.
  2. A snow globe that has a little snowman in it. If I had a little snow globe with a snowman in it that would be cool because then I could have a snowman all year around.
  3. I want a new soccer ball because my favorite sport is to play soccer.
  4. A new tennis ball because my second favorite sport is to play tennis.
  5. A new water gun. Because it squirts water, duh.
  6. A new butterfly notebook. Who doesn’t love butterflies?
  7. Which brings me to number seven – a net to catch butterflies.
  8. A bird cage. I just want a birdcage, not a bird because I just like how the bird cages look.
  9. A quilt. Because they’re snugly. And outside it’s really cold and I wanna stay warm.
  10. The most important one – A humungous llama stuffed with candy. No reason why.

This is my top 10 wishlist for this Christmas. #NailedIt.

*Bonus – At the end I sing a little Christmas song in French.

Au revoir

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  1. Hi Phoenix,
    I am a friend of your Grandma Laurie and she showed me your blog. My favorite post is the Wedding Shoes post. An excellent lesson to learn at your age. I work at a high school and girls show up for dances in very pretty shoes, that are extremely uncomfortable, and then they are unable to dance and have to take off their shoes. Then they have scrapes on their feet AND people step on their bare feet. Ugh! Also, I am looking forward to a follow-up of your top 10 Christmas list and wondering if any of those items ended up under your tree!

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